Thursday, 15 November 2012

In My Closet

As much as I LOVE thrifting, repurposing, buying consignment or vintage, do you want to know what I LOVE even more?? Discovering clothes that I have held onto for seasons and seasons and seasons- and finding a new love for them. Cost- FREE.
I'm not really sure why I have held onto this cardigan for as long as I have. It's not really me- other than the black and grey colour scheme. This is a very popular theme in my closet.
But, hold onto it I did. Even as I purged many things around it every year.  I can't even remember where I got it, I have had it that long.
I have been told (somewhere on t.v., I'm sure) that animal print is basically a neutral. Well, I'm not sure if I'd agree with that. Ever since I turned 30, every time I put animal print on, I feel like a cougar, haha- NOT really at all like I am 'blending in".... like a neutral would...

But, last night I was on Pinterest (shocker, I know), and came across this photo:

There were many 'likes' and comments about how great this cardigan was- and I thought "Hey! I have one of those!"

So, I think I will blame it on the sinus-cold-fogginess that I have been living in for the last week, but today I had the gumption to pull my animal print cardi out of my closet and wear it!

Me in my animal print cardi.


 I actually decided to leave the house in it- again, blaming it on my sinus-cold-haze. :)

I added some long fingerless gloves and a hot-pink scarf.
 And I actually got some compliments on it, too!

So, the moral? Not sure... Be a hoarder? Definitely not... But, no feeling is better than when you rediscover a little gem in your closet that you have forgotten about- or for whatever reason have just chosen not to wear- and you realize "hey, it's actually pretty great!"


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