Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Repurposing Ideas- The SEQUEL

Since I wasn't able to stay awake long enough to post all of the fabulous Christmas repurposing ideas last night, I will post the rest of them now.
There are some truly creative and inspiring ideas here, folks. Hope you can find one or two to use for yourself. :)
Repurposed rulers turn into a rustic Christmas tree decoration.
Take an old slab of wood and some yarn and make it into a beautiful piece of Christmas art.

Glue circles cut from Christmas cards to those clear 'stones' from the dollar store with a dollop from a glue gun, stick a magnet to the back and VOILA- Holiday magnets! I have also done this with my friend's family pics. Love.

An old, out-dated placemat gets a new life snipped into ornaments for the tree. Just add a loop of twine and a cute red button to each.

I really love this. Create a luminary from repurposed Holiday cards. Amazing.

Old buttons get a new lease on life as an adorable ornament. Simply thread yarn or wire through and add a cute ribbon.

Now, this takes a bit of dedication....but, you can reuse old jam jars to hold hand-poured candles to give as gifts.Very lovely.

For any fishermen/women (or fishermen/women's partners, haha) out there, if you have an old minnow bucket lying around, you can repurpose it into a beautiful lantern.

Another one of my favourites...Old screens become fabulous 
winter-y art.

And...the best for last. How beautiful are these?! Simply spray paint an old light bulb with silver after wrapping the bulb in lace. Gorgeous!!
Well, that ends my Christmas/ Winter Holiday repurposing posts. Or, does it.....???  Stay tuned for ideas for after the holidays... Here's a teaser...

You can reuse Christmas cookie tins as storage tins. Simply Spray with chalkboard paint and label. Brilliant.
Happy Holidays, friends. Peace.
*Oh, and most of these were found on Pinterest- as if you didn't know. haha.

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