Thursday, 31 January 2013

In My Closet- Chambray & Leggings Times 2

Oh, the elusive chambray shirt...I searched and searched for that shirt. When I finally found one, it was at a Bibles For Missions Thrift Shop for $1- love that. It's an XS Gap top and is a bit short in the arm length, so I will be keeping an eye out for another, but for now- I am very pleased.

I decided to pair this top with a white tank, black leggings and a cardigan and scarf. I couldn't decide which colour cardi I preferred, so I'll share both. You can always leave a comment and let me know which one you like best, if you'd like. :)

I apologize for the darkness on the one is very overcast today and I can never figure out how to take a picture of myself with the flash on without completely ruining the photo.


 Chambray Shirt- $1 Bibles For Missions
White tank- $3.99 Value Village
Cardigan- $6.99 Value Village (another post with this cardigan here)
Leggings- $5.99 Talize
Scarf- $3.99 Talize
Boots- referenced here

Same chambray top, tank, leggings and boots.  Different cardigan and scarf = totally different look.

Cardigan- $12.99 Value Village (another post with this cardigan here)
Scarf- Cast-off from Mom = Free

So, if you'd like to- let me know which look you prefer. If not- thanks for stopping by!!