Tuesday, 26 February 2013

In My Closet- A Free Scarf And Cardi

Is it spring, yet?? I am so ready to put away my heavy coats and pants and take out my shorts....oh wait- they are already out. ;)

Who would've thought I could find a cute selection of shorts in Thunder Bay...in February!! I found these denim shorts, and these satin beauties WAY up in the freezing north. I guess no one else up there was looking for shorts in the dead of winter. Weird...haha.

This lightweight, flow-y cardigan I snapped up at the Clothing Swap that I had a couple of weeks ago. So, that's right- FREE folks. This scarf didn't get taken and it sat on the table all of the next day. That evening I tried it on and fell in love.

 Black tank- $5.99 TBay Value Village
Denim Shorts- $5.99 TBay Salvation Army Thrift Shop
Purse- $4.99 Hamilton Salvation Army Thrift Shop

Navy And Gold Scarf- Free from Clothing Swap
Blue Cardigan- Also free from Clothing Swap
Boots- Referenced here

Anyone else out there longing for springtime? Might be a good time to plan a clothing swap with your friends to get ready for the next season. :)


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