Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In My Closet- Loving Shorts With Tights


Right now, one of my favourite looks is wearing shorts with tights.... wait a minute, am I back in grade eleven, again?? Nope, back then, my shorts were smaller and my heels were higher, haha.

Maybe it's nostalgia...maybe its the fact that I can wear shorts in the winter...I'm not sure why- but I think this is a such a fun look.

I paired some black shorts with some black tights and black booties. I then added a few different tops to give you some ideas for looking through your own closet...

Black Shorts-  $6.99 Value Village
Black Booties- $9.99 Talize (also seen here)
White Tank- $5.99 Talize
Top- FREE from Clothes Swap
Accessories- $3.99- $5.99 Value Village

Same shorts, tights, booties and tank.
Top- FREE from Clothes Swap

Again, same shorts, tights, booties and tank.
Top- $7.99 Talize (also seen here)
Necklace- Just One - fairly-traded accessories from Africa

What do you think of shorts with tights, friends? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping in- Happy Pancake Tuesday!


  1. Looks great! i am going to try it with the shorts i got at the clothes swap. I saw it on Pinterest with a jacket. Not sure how old is too old to pull it off (talking about myself).

    1. I hope you do! I desperately wanted those shorts to wear with tights...haha

  2. I rocked this look once. In grade 4 I was all set for school wearing a black tshirt and white leggings. When I bent over to pick up my pack sack, my mom saw that my bright red underwear was visible through my white leggings. So I quickly put on some purple corduroy shorts to cover my wardrobe malfunction. It's not a look I would 'rock' again because, frankly, it's horrible. But that's just on me. YOU look good. In this look and pretty much everything else you wear.

    1. You're too sweet. Thanks. I think you could rock this look as well... ;)