Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Feeling Blue- Cobalt Blue

Another colour that I never used to give a second-glance to is blue. It has always been a shade that I was not interested in, whether it be for decorating, clothing or accessories.

But now I have discovered cobalt blue and have fallen desperately in love. 

What a colour. I would venture to say this shade would look good on all ethnicity's, all hair colours, all skin colours, everyone.

And if it's to bold a colour for you, you could easily find it now in a clutch, or some jewellery- just to add a bit of fabulous-ness to your spring wardrobe.

Or, getting married this summer? Make Cobalt your 'something blue' and add a pop of gorgeous-ness with some pumps or a hairpiece.

(All photos from Pinterest)

I have already picked up a couple of tops in this gorgeous colour- one blouse was $1!!!! (photos to come). And am on the hunt for a clutch or a bangle in this hue as well.

Happy Thrifting, all! Thanks for checking in.



  1. I have a lace dress in this colour. I'm going to transform it into an Alice in Wonderland costume!

  2. Replies
    1. You're right!! Haha. But, so far the only colour that we DIDN'T agree on was