Monday, 25 March 2013

Shirt? Dress? Both!!

I am a HUGE fan of clothes that can do double-duty. Well, truth be told, I LOVE anything that can serve more than one function. Like the furniture in my house- nothing really ever remains being used in it's traditional purpose forever... 

So, that's why I was very excited to come across this top....Or, is it a dress??

Could be either. For now- in chilly Canada- it will serve me as a fun little top. In a couple of weeks, when I head down to Puerto Plata- it will most definitely be a dress. How great is that? And at $5.99...well, it just can't be beat!

Top/Dress- $5.99 Talize 
Leggings- $4.99 Value Village

I didn't realize this was so apologies..

Cardigan- FREE at Clothing Swap (Also seen here)

Purse- $4.99 Salvation Army Thrift Shop (also seen here and here)
Boots- referenced here 
Bangle- Value Village
Beaded Bracelet- Just One  'world changing fashion'

Happy Thrifting, friends!

I've said it before, but is anyone else LONGING for spring? I guess I really can't complain, when I will soon be relaxing on a beach...sorry about that... ;)


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