Monday, 22 July 2013

Free Breakfast And A Surprise 50% Off Sale

I LOVE to be able to reconnect with friends. And if food is involved? Even better! And if that food turns out to be FREE! Well, that is simply the best Monday EVER!!

I went for breakfast with a friend at the Bedrock Bistro. This was my first time. It is delicious and very reasonably priced. A definite recommendation from me.

As we were getting close to finishing our meal, the waitress let us know that a gentleman had already taken care of our bill for us! Seriously- how sweet!! I just wish we could have said "Thanks!"

After I dropped her off, I decided to take a peek into the Stoney Creek Value Village.

I so rarely get over there, and I usually have pretty good luck at that location.

Today, I found a fabulous cobalt blue belt. To see my post on how much I love cobalt blue click here.

Belt- $3.99 

After that, and since I was in the area, I popped into one of my favourite shops- Family Boutique. I LOVE going into this locally-owned shop. There are saris and beautiful fabric lining the walls. This is where I indulge in my one guilty pleasure. Bollywood films!!

Today I picked up a film that I have been DYING to see- Dabangg 2. The first Dabangg is my absolute favourite Bollywood film.

I'll let you all know how it measures up to the first one. ;)

Next stop- Talize on Upper James. Well- truthfully, it was Service Ontario that I had to go to, but they are in the SAME mall, so how could I possibly NOT stop in?? I'm only human!! Haha.

 As I was walking through the doors, I saw signs saying that it was a 50% off day!!

I mean, really! Could this day GET any better?? I think not!!!

 I snapped up a cute pair of coral-coloured jeans (that match my toenails):

Jeans- $6.50 

I tried on this dress and included a photo of it to show how difficult it is for me to find maxi dresses that are truly maxi. This is the reason that I quickly posted about it when I found one.

Needless to say this 'maxi' did NOT come home with me...

I also scored this adorable denim vest (I have been on the hunt for one):

Vest- $3.50
Jewelry- Just One- World Changing Fashion

So, to recap... Free breakfast, a fabulous belt, some Bollywood, and a surprise sale... Today MAY make me think differently about Mondays! At least it all made my hour wait at Service Ontario a smidge more bearable...

Blessings, friends.

If you are in Hamilton and around Upper James- check out the big sale at Talize! You won't be disappointed. Also, it wasn't really advertised, so it isn't even busy there!!

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