Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hot For Fall- Leopard Print

I have mentioned before, I am a recent convert to animal print. Previously, I thought that if I wore it, it would make me look like a cougar.

But one day, I decided to head out in a leopard-printed sweater that I have owned forever, and fell in love with it all over again.

According to Flare, leopard print will be very BIG this fall. Here are some great ideas that they gave for adding some of this trend to your wardrobe:

Add a touch of "wild" to your wardrobe with some animal print booties, sunglasses or even an umbrella.

Cute dress ideas. I LOVE the sheer dress- top middle.

More ideas for taking part in this trend other than adding clothing items. Add some gloves, a scarf or a funky phone case. 

Shoes are a great way to add animal print to your wardrobe. on the feet, this print becomes a neutral and goes with everything! Check out Talize or Value Village for some if you're a thrifter.

If you are loving this wild trend, why not add a blouse or blazer to your closet. If it fits well, animal print is a great investment, as it seems to get big every couple years or so.  

I just love that these pieces seem to have more of a bohemian-feel to them (my inner-hippie approves) and less of an 80's-glam-wear-it-with-black-leather feel. 

And this is one of my favourite looks ever, from Pinterest:

 Animal print cardi paired with cobalt blue denim and knee-high boots. Perfection.

What do you think, friends? Will this be a trend that you take part in?

If so, don't forget to check out your local thrift shops to find some pieces. Not only will you save some money, but you'll help the earth, AND you won't have the same animal print item as every woman in your workplace.


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