Friday, 28 March 2014

In My Maternity Closet- A "Bar-Star" Dress Becomes An Awesome Maternity Shirt

I love getting things for free. 

Which means that some of my favourite words are when friends say to me, "I have some old clothes for you to go through."

It's pretty much better than Christmas for me.

I love recycling the items that I choose from a bag of cast-offs. I love breathing 'new life' into an item that someone has tired of. And I love finding a new use for an item, as well. 

This time, a "Bar-Star" dress becomes a Maternity Shirt.

In case you are unsure of what I mean by a "Bar-Star" dress, I mean the tight, slinky dresses that girls wear to go dancing in. They are quite stretchy- so you can dance comfortably in them- and this is perfect for a growing belly! And they are usually quite short- which means once the belly grows, they are a perfect shirt length.

Here's how I wear my dress-turned-maternity-shirt:

Oooooops, forgot to put on make-up. Pregnancy brain.... :s

Dress/ Shirt- Castoff from friend- Free
Pants- $5.99 Salvation Army Thrift Shop (Non-Maternity)
Boots- $19.99 Value Village (also seen here)
Necklace- Just One- World Changing Fashion 

Here I added a pop of colour with a teal cardigan.

Cardigan- $6.99 Value Village
Necklace- $8.99 Value Village

Thanks for reading, friends!

Hope this inspires you Mama's-to-be to browse the dress racks at your local thrift shop for some dress-turned-shirt options. :)


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring 2014 Hair Trends

As a hairstylist, I like to keep up with the trends of the season. And for some reason, I find spring and summer trends the most exciting. ESPECIALLY when they involve beautiful flowers... like the first trend, from Bazaar:

Flowers In The Hair

(photos from Bazaar)

 It is probably my inner hippy or my gypsy background, but I absolutely LOVE it when hair is adorned with real flowers. It just has such a beautiful bohemian feel to it.

Old World Braids

(photos from Bazaar)

I have to admit, I am SO happy that braids are still on-trend this season. I also have to admit that I became addicted to the series "Vikings" simply because I was obsessed with the women's intricately braided locks. 

Gold Details

(photos from Bazaar)

Honestly not my favourite trend...but an easy way to dress up any plain hairstyle, for sure.

Untidy Updos

(photos from Bazaar)

This trend makes it super simple for you, the 'hair-untrained', to do an updo on yourself. Who cares if it is messy? You are actually MORE trendy that way! Just backcomb and pin! 

Choppy Pageboy Wings

(photos from Bazaar)

Again, not necessarily MY favourite, but if it appeals to you- then go ahead and try this style out! I would definitely recommend asking for a ton of texture though, so that you don't end up with a 'bowl' haircut. It would also be a good way to be on-trend and to grow out a shorter pixie cut.

And lastly, here are some fun Colour Trends for 2014. Photo from Sequins and Scissors.

I am seriously digging the Copper Penny and Brownie Sombre (a softer ombre) right now.

And hats off to anyone rocking the Silver Colour Trend right now. Love it.

Spring IS coming, friends. Maybe if we try a few of these hair trends, it will come even faster?? ;)

Monday, 10 March 2014

In My Maternity Closet- Do These Polka-Dots Make Me Look Fat? ;)

When I am pregnant (who am I kidding- even when I am NOT pregnant), I tend to gravitate to simple, solid items to wear. Why draw attention to the extra weight I'm carrying around with me?

BUT, every once in a while, I will break out of my rut and wear something with a pattern, or stripes, and this time....polka dots. 

The day went like this. As many of you know, I have been struggling to figure out the best course of action for myself, my boys and this little baby to come in a few weeks. I decided to go and speak with a service called Birthright International. It was a very relaxing experience. The woman I spoke with had a lot of resources she was able to point me to in order to help me feel more confident and capable welcoming this baby into our family. I do feel that I am now more aware of the resources out there that I can tap into, if need be.

The center runs on volunteers and donations. They had a second-hand Maternity Clothing section (and I am happy to now have a place where MY maternity clothes will go when I am done with them).

I feel pretty set for clothing, but I did pick up a hoodie, a pair of pants and this adorable polka-dot top. Well, my friend found the top and the hoodie for me. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the entire experience.

I highly recommend anyone who is pregnant, thinks that they are pregnant, or knows someone that may be struggling with being pregnant- to go and speak with Birthright. Here is what they say about themselves on their website:

"Birthright is unique. We provide free, non-judgmental support and love to pregnant women and their unborn children. Birthright is not involved in any religious movements, political activities, or lobbying. Our focus is on loving the mother, and helping her help herself."

And that's what I felt. Love.

And here is how I wore my free, patterned, polka-dot shirt:

Polka-dot Top- Free
Black Cardi- $5.99 Talize
Jeans- Friend's Maternity Jeans (free)
Purse- $4.99 Salvation Army (also seen here)
Boots- $19.99 Value Village

Again- I DO apologize for the smudges and fingerprints all over my mirror... but until now, I haven't been able to bring myself to clean them.

But, you know what? I'm feeling pretty good these days. I think tomorrow I will clean them off. I'm ready to let the sun shine a little brighter into my room and into my life. :)


Sunday, 2 March 2014

In My Maternity Closet- Still Loving My Thrifted Maxi Skirts

In case any of you were wondering, friends- I am still madly in love with my maxi skirts. Even at over 30 weeks pregnant. Even in the winter. Always.

They are an easy way to be uber-comfortable and look great for a pretty low price (especially if they are thrifted).

And they are even better than maxi dresses while you are pregnant, because they ride up less in the front, and can slip comfortably under the ever-expanding belly.

The maxi skirt that I wore the other day:

*Again, if the fingerprints that are all over my mirror bother you- or if you are wondering why I don't just wipe them off- you can read my post all about them here.*

Maxi Skirt- $6.99 at Talize
Black Top- purchased 2 pregnancies ago
Necklace and Bracelet- Just One- World Changing Fashion

A bit of a quickie post, but thank you for stopping by.

Keep (or try) thrifting. 

Keep (or start) questioning where our clothing (and accessories) come from. It is important to love our planet and our brothers and sisters on the other side of the earth by doing so.

Love and blessings.