Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Very Repurposed DIY Christmas

To me, the best gifts are homemade. Gifts that are heartfelt, that took time and love to put together.

These gifts are usually one-of a kind,made by the giver with the givee in mind. 

So that's what I tried to do this year. To give gifts specific to people in my life to show how much I care.

Here were some of the gifts that I gave:

Crafting with my little man. 

Repurposing some frames by painting them all white. 

After one coat. 

Finished gift for my sister. Three of her favourite things and a quote on how awesome she is to be a nurse.

For my parents and my grandparents. 

The boys and I made these hot chocolate snowmen for our neighbors. We had an abundance of baby food jars, so this was the perfect year to repurpose them. The neighbors loved the snowmen. I blogged about the idea of these baby-food-jar snowmen here.

We added a small bottle of Bailey's as a Christmas gift for my son's grade 2 teacher. Because, well...I'm sure she needs it being around grade 2's ALL day. ;)

There are still some gifts that I need to give, so I won't blog on those quite yet.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some ideas for some repurposed, DIY gifts that you can give to some loved ones throughout the year.


Monday, 22 December 2014

In My Closet- Breaking My Own Rules

About a year ago, I wrote a post answering a question that I had been asked on wearing leggings

I stated that, in my opinion, patterned leggings should only be worn by girls in their early 20's.

Well, today I am admitting that I have been breaking my own rule. I have been wearing patterned leggings. And loving them.

Here are some pics of me wearing them to the Aquarium recently:

They are beyond comfy and super cute. I am a patterned legging convert.

I snapped up a couple of pairs at the last Clothing Swap that I went to. So, those multi-coloured aztec style leggings were FREE.

I have also heard of a company Sweet Legs, that is a Canadian company that sells through independent suppliers and they have a HUGE selection of designs.

Check them out, if you want to break my rule, too! ;)

Or, do what I do and scour the thrift shops or consignment shops for them.

If you do decide to be brave and wear patterns- send me a photo! I'd love to see you in them.

Peace, friends.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Mis-Matched Socks? I Have A DIY For That!

I came across this fabulous DIY idea on facebook yesterday for lost socks in the laundry room. I KNOW everyone else has the same problem...you are POSITIVE that a pair of socks went INTO the wash....but one a single sock comes out.

Here is a place to put that one sock until it's mate turns up (which happens, what? 70% of the time??) :

I thought that this was such a great idea, I went looking on Pinterest for some similar ideas. And I found some awesome ones!

If you are crafty at all, these would be pretty easy to make. You would just need a peice of wood (preferably second-hand!) and some clothespins. Otherwise, I found some similar signs that you could purchase on Etsy here.

Here are my Lost-Sock DIY favourites:

Love the added jar for change found while doing laundry! 

I also love this idea of a wall decal over a 'clothesline' attached to the wall. It would be easier for the not-so-crafty out there:

I found some decals to purchase on Etsy here

This sign is not for the unmatched socks, but I love the message on it SO much that I may be making one for MY laundry room:

And....in case you never do find your sock's missing mate....this made me laugh pretty hard:

I hope you found these Laundry Room DIY ideas as inspiring as I did. :)

Thanks for reading.