Saturday, 21 February 2015

In My Closet- Valentine's Day Pencil Skirt

 Is there a rule that you should try to wear red on Valentine's Day? 

Hmmmm, maybe...but I'm not one for rules anyhow. ;)

The man and I went out for a delicious dinner sans baby (!!). 

Yes, it was an hour to an hour and a half wait when we walked in the door- but that ended up being fine since we scored a seat in the lounge rather quickly.

Since I'm still(!!) not back into my pre-baby clothes, I feel that my wardrobe is somewhat limited these days. Hence the infrequent posts. Sorry about that.

Here is what I decided on for our night on the town (which these days consists of dinners AND appetizers).

Blue/ multi-colour pencil skirt- $4.99 Salvation Army
Black Tank/Sweater- Owned forever

 Necklace/ Bracelet- Just One, world-changing fashion

Black Patent, Knee-High Boots: $7.49 ($14.99 - 50%) Salvation Army

I wish the lighting was better in my home, friends. My house was built in an era that didn't believe in ceiling lights, apparently....

I realize that it was already a week ago, but I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with those you, or at least tolerate. ;)

Love and blessings.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

In My Dominican Closet (2015)

 I looked at the calendar today, and I couldn't BELIEVE that I have been back from the Dominican for almost a month already?!!

I sat myself right down at the computer and started writing this post. I had a reader ask me shortly after I got back for some tips on what to bring on a sunny vacay, and I promised to get this out before she left in February... Hope I'm not too late!

Every time I go away, I write about the thrifted items that I bring (Cuba, Dominican, and Madrid)...So this trip to the Domican Republic wouldn't be any different. :)

Apart from a sunhat, a few pieces of jewellery, and a couple of pairs of sandals, these are the thrifted items that were in my Domican closet (this year):


A couple of maxi skirts. And a couple of black tanks. This maxi skirt I wore over leggings on the plane and was able to easily take the leggings off when we landed in Punta Cana. The tank I wore under a black sweater and jean jacket, which I wanted to have in case the evenings were cool. I never needed it.

Skirt- Value Village $7.99

A couple of strapless maxi dresses. I love these for throwing on for breakfast or for pulling over a bathing suit. I also love that these can be folded over and worn with a tank if you'd prefer to wear it as a skirt. Extra versatile!

Flowered Maxi- $12.99 Value Village

A couple of comfy, cotton, easily-rolled and fun-to-wear dresses for the evenings.

Top Dress- $7.99 Talize (also seen here)
Bottom (2 pieces) Top- Castoff from friend, FREE
Bottom- Skirt $5.99 (also seen here)

And, of COURSE, I packed a couple more maxi dresses (my faves) that had straps. I love the comfort, that they can be dressed up or down, and that they can be rolled up to take up very little room in the suitcase.

Top Dress- Value Village 50% off $9.99
Bottom Dress- Value Village $12.99

And here is the Just One bracelets that my sister brought for my birthday gift. Love.

Well, thanks for reading about what I had in my Dominican Closet, friends.

If you are heading somewhere warm soon....don't forget the sunscreen! :)