Sunday, 20 September 2015

Our Newest Clothing Swap- AKA Girls Night Out- Or Shopping For FREE!!

We had an awesomely fabulous Clothing Swap last night.

So. Much. Fun.

It's just such a great feeling to clear out room in your closet- to take out things that you don't wear anymore, for whatever reason- and to see someone else fall in love with one of those items.

And I always go with NO expectations, whatsoever. I always think, maybe I'll find a cute dress, or a shirt...maybe.

But I ALWAYS end up amazed by what I find. This time I grabbed a FABULOUS leather jacket. A beautiful maxi dress. A cute scarf, some tank tops, a couple of hoodies. 

Not to mention, had a great time with some amazing ladies.



Making faces. And shopping.

Oh ya. I totally snapped up this sweatshirt.

More shoping.

Trying on and saying 'not for me'.

And more shopping.

Grabbed this cute number for a Carribean Honeymoon Vacay.

I cannot emphasize enough what a fun and inexpensive way a Clothing Swap is to add new items to your wardrobe!

If you're thinking about having a Swap with your friends, you can check out my tips here and here.

Thanks for reading! Happy Swapping!

Peace, friends.


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