Thursday, 21 April 2016

Shop Your Life!

I needed a few days of R&R this week and took off to the Niagara Region. I just happened to be there on the most beautiful days of the year so far and enjoyed some wine tasting/ tours and some cider drinking in the sun. It was lovely.

One of the mornings I was lounging in my VERY comfortable bed and caught the Marilyn Denis show. This particular show was on how to "Shop Your Life"- so OF COURSE I was interested!

It was a great show on How to reuse old paint that you have lying around, how to shop the food in your refrigerator, and how to make money selling things that you don't need/use anymore.

But, my favourite part? Tips on having a successful Clothing Swap. As you all know (I hope)- I am a HUGE Cothing Swap fan. So I am beyond thrilled that this segment made them look fun, easy, and something anyone can do with their friends (because it's TRUE).

I also like the suggestions made on how to have a great Swap- they referred to them as Style Swaps, which makes them seem a little more high-end in my opinion.

** Have them at the end of seasons. 

I definitely agree with this point. As she noted, it is already a time of transition and it is a perfect time to remove the things from your wardrobe that you would normally just pack away for the following year.

** Invite your friends.

Don't leave out the pregnant friends, either- it's a great spot to get clothing for that time (and the time after having children when nothing fits). She says (and this is one of my tried-and-true points) do not stick to one size. She also notes to always have a belt handy (another one of my tips- check out the finds from my last Clothing/ Style Swap HERE). Many of those items only looked good on me when belted.

** Everything goes in the dryer.

I've never bothered with this tip- but if you and your friends are wary of bugs (bed bugs, lice, moths), you can put everything through the dryer to kill any unwanted visitors.

** Wear a bathing suit under your clothing.

She recommends this so that you can try on clothing easily without waiting for a washroom/ change room.  I recommend wearing leggings and a tank to, myself for the same reason. Whatever works for you. In my experience, we've never batted an eye while friends got down to their skivvies, either. ;)

Check out the Style Swap segment at the beginning of Tuesday's Marilyn Denis Show:

Blessings, friends. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

In My Closet- A Thrifted Graphic Tank And Grey Leather Clutch

Well friends, the Re-Source Thrift Shop has done it for me again!

Now that the warmer weather is coming, I've been trying to replace the black flip-flops that I lost in Cuba. There really is nothing like a pair of black flip flops to throw on for the beach, park, walking kids to school, etc.

Not only did I leave with a pair of black flip flops (tags still on), but I found a fabulous graphic tank, as well as a beautiful grey clutch with brass detailing.

Grey Clutch- $5

Black Flip-Flops- $2

Here I am wearing the graphic tank with the clutch.

I like the look of it tucked into a simple black pencil skirt with black tights and booties.

Skirt- Clothing Swap Find- FREE
Necklace and bracelet- JustOne 

With a longer pencil skirt, I tried rolling my booties down. I liked it and it gave the illusion of a longer leg.

Here is what they usually look like when I wear them:

Picked up these booties at Talize for $9.99. Seen here.

Here is how I wore the tank to church that day-  by adding a neutral cardigan.

Cardigan- Cast-off from a friend, so FREE.
Purse- Cast-off from cousin's wife, so FREE.

There you are friends. How I built an outfit from a $4 tank, a free skirt, a free purse and a free sweater. 

I highly recommend checking out the Re-Source Thrift Shop. They had live music playing on Saturday. How great is that? It is run by volunteers, which means that the prices are still VERY reasonable on clothing and accessories. Especially kid's clothing, FYI.

Check out their facebook page here

Happy thrifting!


Monday, 4 April 2016

In My Closet- After Another Successful Clothing Swap

Well, a few of us had yet another successful Clothing Swap.

There really is no down-side to a night out with some lovely ladies, clearing out your closet, and scoring some new items for yourself.

Here are some of the great items I grabbed this time. I also snapped up a mint top and a REALLY comfy sweater, but I felt that you didn't need to see EVERYTHING. 

 I decided to wear the same accessories each time. All thrifted, of course. The nude heels were thrifted last summer at Value Village for $7.50 (50% off $14.99) also seen here.

This dress is just one of the comfiest things that I have ever had on. It is definitely destined to be a favourite of mine.

This dress will likely be a summer-time staple of mine. It is really light and airy. And the colour is lovely, yes??

I really like that this dress is different than anything else in my closet. The neutral, khaki colours will be great with some LIGHTLY-sun-kissed skin this summer, I think.

Pretty sure that this dress got passed over because it kind of looks like a shapeless sack. 

But as soon as you put a belt on with it- it's absolutely adorable! 
Wide white belt- thrifted ages ago.

Like the dress above- I felt like this top had very little going for it. But, as soon as you pair an interesting belt with it- it's really cute!!

AAAAAND....there were actually some shoes that fit!!! 

How great are these peep-toe wedges? I can't wait for warmer weather...especially seeing as its April 3rd and there is a ton of snow on the ground. :(

So there you are, friends. FIVE free outfits and a pair of shoes. Not too shabby for free, huh??

Not to mention, the fun times had:

Finished shopping- on to eating!

New Mom and Mom-to-be's looking for new items.

No rumours- that's ginger ale in that glass!!


More shopping.

Shoe shopping. With an audience.

Yes, I totally grabbed this adorable bikini. It even looks great OVER my clothes!! Haha.

 What are you waiting for, friends? Plan a swap with your friends! 

For tips on having a successful Clothing Swap you can read this post that I did in December 2012 here.