Thursday, 29 September 2016

My Repurposed Mason Jar Lighting From Teal And Black Splattered Ugliness

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of these rather hideous lights that I bought at the Re-Store on Instagram and Facebook. I made note of how excited I was for the plans that I had in store for them.

I promised my followers that I would definitely blog about the finished products.

Well, here I am- a few weeks later- after waiting for a couple of weeks for internet at my new home, posting all about my 'new' mason jar lights.

The first thing that needed to go was the paint-splattered look on the hardware of the lights. I removed all the excess fixtures and taped up the bulb sockets (not sure the correct terminology- I kind of just make this up as I go along...).

I used my new favourite spray paint colour- Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze. It has a bit of a vintage-y vibe to it, which is the look that I wanted.

I had envisioned these with mason jars (which I had laying around in my basement- WIN) covering the light bulbs. But when I went to put the mason jar lid onto the arm of the chandelier- it was just a smidge too small. So frustrating.

I decided to try sniping the lid in several points and opening it up to slide it over the hardware. this seemed to work, and was surprisingly stable once it was bent back into place. 

My next hurdle came when I realized that my jars were to small to fit over a normal lightbulb. Ugh. So, out I went to find smaller lightbulbs. I found some at Dollarama for $1.25 each.

But then, looking at the snipped-up jar lid...I was not happy at all with the result.


It was actually my mother that suggested just spray painting the lids, as well. And that worked

just perfectly.

 I do still need to add some chain/ wire to the chandelier that I will put in my new kitchen. Now that I have figured out a breakfast bar area (blog post to come), I can install it just where I want it.

But here is the finished/ installed photo of the smaller of the lights. I put it up in my front entrance way and just love it! 

PLEASE try to ignore all of the wood trim. Painting all of it white is on my very, very long to-do list.

Thanks for stopping in and reading, friends! Hope you enjoyed my repurposed light how-to.

Just another reason to try thrifting! You get to completely customize your own look and have a completely original home. Not to mention the money saved! The lights cost me under $35 for both of them and the spraypaint/ lightbulbs were maybe another $20 total. Not bad for 2 'new' light fixtures, I'd say!

Not too bad, at all.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

My First Thrift Find For My New Home

I closed on my very own detached home on Monday. 

It's in a beautiful area of Hamilton, right around the corner from the last place that I lived/ rented. 

Although I was beyond thrilled to be able to purchase my townhome on my own 2 and a half years ago, when I went through a viewing of my new home- I felt like I was going back home.

I have a little over 2 weeks to rip up carpet, tear down wallpaper, paint, put down we'll see how much gets done before move-in day.

But this post is about my first thrift find for my new place. And I love it.

I picked up this wire stand with a basket at Talize a week or so ago for $6.99.

I searched for a bit for a "Welcome" or an "Our Home" sign, or something similar- but couldn't find anything. Then I found a plain cork sign at the Dollarama. I figured that would work well, and just wrote "Welcome" on it myself. 


I added a potted mum plant, and now I have an adorable welcome piece for the front of my new home.

Cute, yes?

And totally worth the $6.99, I would say. :)

Happy Thursday, friends. 

Thanks for reading.